No one enters into marriage and creates a family with the intent of that 'tribe' breaking down. Yet almost 50 percent of all marriages/families in the United States alone will end in divorce or separation!

Empyreal Elements invites you to a MOTHER...the narratives and behaviours that may be contributing to the breakdown of your most precious sustenance - YOUR TRIBE.

Is your tribe at risk of being in that 50%?

Are you aware that as a woman there may be a strong possibility that you are a bit-of-a-nut-case?

Are you regurgitating the same self victimization as the rest of the females around you in some way, shape or form?

Are your child/ren mirroring your detrimental personal habits?

Are your emotions what control you, against your personal values and better judgment?

And lastly…are you contributing enough or at all to your family?

If any of these questions challenge you...good!

If they move you...even better!

Because just under the surface of your reactions resides an inner strength that belongs to you and in order for you to activate this inner strength and use it to restore balance where needed - COURAGE and feeling some EGO OUCH must be ENDURED - and guess what?'s REALLY WORTH IT!

But don't just take my word for it...go and find out for yourself!


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